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Partnership. Guidance. Education.

At Strong on Health, we have experienced the joy of seeing our clients consistently have positive results, motivating us to reach as many people as possible and to share our knowledge and techniques.


Dustin Strong, Board-Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Applied Clinical Nutritionist, has extensive education and training in whole food supplementation and nutrition and is a specialist in using these tools for his clients. As such, he is an experienced consultant to healthcare professionals with difficult cases or who wish to incorporate nutrition more fully into their practices. Dr. Derek Strong is an Applied Clinical Nutritionist and Chiropractor who regularly works with other practitioners to provide focused counseling.


When working with practitioners, they keep 3 goals in mind:

  • To provide them with the most informed, nutrition-focused, evidence-based answers for their patients

  • To give them the opportunity to take their practices to the next level with nutrition

  • To make both of these as simple as possible

Dustin also provides customized educational presentations on a variety of health and wellness subjects to health professionals, patient groups, community groups, media outlets and professional organizations.


In addition, Dustin provides small group training to healthcare practitioners who wish to learn more about his unique methods.


Contact us to discuss how a partnership with Strong on Health will not only improve the overall health of your patients but also increase the success of your practice.

Dustin Strong and Dr. Strong are available by appointment, in person and via phone, e-mail and Skype.