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Special Event!
Tue, May 28
Four Day Weekend- Fort Worth
Medicine's Blindspot: The Reason You Might Not Be Getting Well
A free public health talk with Dustin Strong, CHN-BC, ACN. We'll talk about how a key part of how you approach your diet, lifestyle and mindset can be the answer to the health issues you think you “just have to live with.”
Thu, Jan 24
Four Day Weekend- Fort Worth
Your Hormones: What You Really Need to Know
FREE in Downtown Fort Worth! An in-depth hormone talk and expert panel with two holistic health specialists who are back by popular demand: Functional Endocrinology Expert Dr. Annette Schippel, DC and Applied Clinical Nutritionist and Holistic Wellness Specialist Dustin Strong, ACN, CHN.
Wed, Sep 19
Four Day Weekend- Fort Worth
Holistic Immune Support: A Free Health Talk with Dustin Strong
Change the way you think about your immune system and equip yourself with the power to stay healthy and active, naturally. No registration necessary. FREE Event.
Thu, Sep 13
Walnut Creek Country Club
Integrating Eastern Medicine: A Seminar with Dr. Chi
Strong On Health is honored to host California-based Dr. Tsu-Tsair Chi, an international expert in the Eastern medicine art of fingernail and tongue analysis and integrating natural herbal remedies, for a public seminar and private 1:1 consultations in Mansfield.
Sat, Jul 14
Strong On Health
Hormone Workshop: An Event with Dr. Annette Schippel & Dustin Strong, CHN-BC
Limited to 20 seats. Confused about hormones? Have you been told you have a thyroid problem or estrogen/testosterone level issues? Are you curious about how menopause symptoms can be avoided? Build your knowledge of the importance of properly-balanced hormone levels with a holistic approach.